Unblock your

path to success

Release your fears and negative

emotions so you can thrive and regain

inner peace, self-confidence, and self-belief.

Making Bold Moves

is Challenging

I’m going to help you let go of your insecurities and limiting beliefs so you can move

towards success and contribute significantly to your community and the world.



Hi, I'm Elicia Casey!

I’m a Certified NLP Practitioner and Essential Oil Educator.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve felt that pressure for success, had many failures along the way and plenty of people have doubted my decisions and path. Yet amidst that, I knew inherently that my belief was necessary, and I needed to be resilient to keep going.

I've built multiple successful businesses from scratch and now empower others to become unstoppable in creating the life of their dreams.

Together we will clear limiting beliefs, aligning your thoughts, energy and actions for a magical journey of self discovery and success!

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Take action and transform your life

Move from insecurity to self-love as you master the language you use in self-talk and develop self-awareness to help you control what your perceive and how.

Take control of your belief system so you can show up for yourself consistently, create new ways of thinking, get results and feel unstoppable.

Signature Programs

Private Coaching


10 hour package customized to your goals

  • Release Chronic Pain
  • Release all major negative emotions
  • Remove limiting decisions
  • Remove major triggers
  • Install new strategies that support your goals
  • Install anchors for immediate state change

Bliss Collective


12 Week Program Includes:

  • Disappear Your Deepest Blocks
  • Bring in abundance/attraction energy
  • Release all major negative emotions
  • Disappear limiting beliefs
  • Remove your biggest triggers that set you back
  • Install new strategies that support your goals
  • Install anchors for immediate state change to keep you inspired and motivated
  • 8 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Hours of Private Coaching/NLP Change Work

Money Bliss


NLP for Entrepreneurs

During these 6 weeks together we will:

Discover your deepest money blocks & fears.

  • Discover your deepest money blocks & fears.empowered and in action.
  • Give you tools to snap yourself out of disempowering thoughts, keeping you empowered and in action.

You will also get access to my top sales secrets:

  • Building trust and rapport with anyone in an instant.
  • Learn how to speak your clients language, reducing barriers to taking action.
  • Hypnotic language to close the sale and seal the deal.

Being positive and taking action will always be the first step to hitting your goals, but do you sometimes find yourself stuck with limiting negative thoughts that hold you back?

In Money Bliss - NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Entrepreneurs, you will learn how to shift the language you use while speaking to others and can reprogram your unconscious mind. By aligning your unconscious and conscious mind, you can achieve the results you've always desired and be happier while doing it.

My clients live life

on their own terms

Here's what they're saying

I went into this program to deal with my procrastination. From Day 1 of the course Elicia worked with me to solve the problem rather than providing a bandaid or temporary approach. NLP for Entrepreneurs with Elicia Casey is perfect for anyone who is an entrepreneur who feels stuck or mired in limiting beliefs. Get ready to be unleashed!!! Elicia, you’ve been instrumental in my transformation and my life will never be the same!

Pamela K

Taking Elicia's NLP course was so eye-opening. I didn't realize how much of our unconscious mind controls what we do/don't do and how we show up in the world. It was so empowering to work with Elicia and have her guide me through this process. She brought such beautiful compassion and love to her coaching sessions and allowed me to process and do the work however I needed to (fast/slow/with emotions etc.). I highly recommend working with her. It will be life transforming. Through disappearing my limiting beliefs I was able to make an extra $1,000 in my network marketing company in just 1 week!

Ashley S

I had a lot of fear to move forward with my goals and career aspirations. I kept doubting myself. Working with Elicia was absolutely amazing, she really listened to me. I felt comfortable sharing my fears with her. She created a safe space for me to openly express myself. She got to the root and disappeared the fear. I started recording podcast episodes without fear of other people judging me. In just a few short months I tripled my audience.

Lisette G

I came into this program focused heavily on work and projects, feeling disconnected with the people in my life. Elicia does a wonderful job leading the group sessions. I loved our conversations about what was really going on. She was patient and asked really great questions. I was able to discover and get out of the way what was really in the way with the people I love and no it wasn’t work! Even other participants said they felt the shift in my being present with them. Now I don’t feel like I’m missing out on creating adventures and connecting with my son.

Rosa M

Download your free "Raise Your Vibration" guide