5 Essential Oils to help you feel awesome every day

If you’re like me you’re generally a happy person. But come on, who doesn’t need help feeling awesome? Yes, I’m a happy person but it’s because I’m proactive about creating an environment where awesomeness is pretty easy to feel.

In addition to taking my vitamins, getting good sleep, and taking care of my body I also LOVE to use my essential oils to help me feel great. This is a list of my top 5 oil blends I use to boost my mood and motivation.

Elevation: The Uplifting Blend - I am not a morning person...seriously. I do my best work in the PM. So when I get up in the morning I use Elevation. I like to put a drop of Elevation behind my ears and on my wrists and take 30 seconds to breathe it in as part of my morning routine after my shower. Honestly, I love the smell so much that I just use it to replace my perfume.

The uplifting blend of Elevation encourages you to be optimistic and that even when things are hard they feel more doable. Less like a mountain and more like a hill. It helps you see obstacles and challenges with confidence and hope.

Balance: The Grounding Blend - I love to put Balance on my diffuser bracelets. I also sometimes put two drops on the bottoms of my feet as I put my socks on in the morning. Or anytime I get angry, flustered, or frustrated... like getting off the phone with the internet company for the 16th time! I put a drop in my hands and breathe it in slowly and then rub the rest of it into my chest. It helps me calm down and bring back my zen and not let those people get the best of me.

Balance is a grounding blend. Its main oils come from trees which are an incredible symbol for being grounded. You’ll love how it helps your mind calm down when it is in overdrive and you’re too much in your own head. It just helps you to feel connected and, well……. grounded.

Brave: The Courage Blend - The wild orange in it is very energizing. Cinnamon is one of the most empowering oils. I love to roll this one over my solar plexus chakra (the center of our power) that point right below your sternum above your belly. I feel it radiate through my whole body. The smell is incredible too.

I know this oil is sold in the doTERRA kid’s line but it works for everyone, trust me. Brave is invigorating and empowering which is just what you need when you’re feeling stuck and need that boost to take on something that scares you. You know in a good way!

Motivate: The Encouraging Blend - I like using the roller of this oil. I use it in the mornings to break the morning slump (especially if I am working out in the mornings) or when the after lunch fatigue sets in. I diffuse it in the office when I'm working. It totally gets my energy up and helps me focus. In my office, I have a Petal diffuser. It is crazy how powerful that thing is!

Using Motivate helps you dig deep to fight the good fight. Especially if you’re dreading something or feel worn down by the monotony of a task. This oil boosts your confidence that you can do the hard things in life and that you can do them well. You’ll love how inspired you feel when you use it.

Adaptiv: The Calming Blend - I don't know about you but I hate Costco. The crowds, the crazy shopping cart drivers. It's so stressful. I love the stuff from Costco but don't like going in there. So Adaptiv is my go-to! I always put it on before I go into Costco or another grocery store for that matter. Anytime I know a stressful situation is coming up I get out the Adaptiv and put it on my wrists and swipe it across the inside of my mask. I always keep this rollerball in my purse.

Adaptiv is great at helping tense situations become more manageable. It’s calming and makes you feel uplifted and more relaxed. You could also try the Adaptiv capsules to give you a daily mood boost as part of your regular supplementation.

So those are my top 5 oils for feeling awesome and kicking butt every day. I encourage you to experiment with these and see what works for you. There are also a lot of other great oils that may resonate with you more. Use your intuition and be brave about trying new things.