Top 4 Ultimate Life Changes and Supplements that changed my world Forever

Although I was in my 20’s I had chronic pain throughout my whole body. It was awful. I was way too young to feel like this! Luckily I met a friend who had some answers and through having an open mind and trying new things I’m so excited to be chronic-pain-free today. I could never be active before like I wanted, but now I’m able to play sports (I LOVE flag football and beach volleyball!)

So here’s my story of the top 5 life changes and supplements that have deeply changed my world forever. I know you may not relate to all of this, but I just hope that through my experience you can get ideas and suggestions about the changes you can make that will significantly improve your life.

Lifelong Vitality (LLV) Supplements

After years of this chronic pain from autoimmune and other issues I had tried sooooooo many supplements and vitamins. You should have seen my bathroom cabinet. It was ridiculously full of hundreds and hundreds of dollars of them. But I wasn’t willing to stop looking for an answer to the pain and fatigue I was enduring. I never gave up on looking for a solution.

I had always been very athletic since I was a little kid. My pain started when I was in my early 20’s and continued to progress until I couldn’t do the things I loved like hiking, gardening, and sports.

I had been introduced to doTERRA essential oils and had been loving the Deep Blue Rub and started becoming obsessed with my little oil box. But a friend invited me to a class on doTERRA’s supplements. I didn’t even know doTERRA made supplements!

As I sat through the class I heard all the great things about them but honestly, I was skeptical. I had heard similar promises before from many other supplement companies. “These are anti-inflammatory”, “these will help you with pain and energy level”, I had tried a lot of really high-end supplements from the holistic practitioners, chiropractors, and even a naturopath I had visited in my journey to try to find healing. But none of those ever made a difference.

Maybe there is something to these vitamins...

I figured hey! I might as well. After all, they had a 30-day money-back guarantee and so I tried them. When I got my Lifelong Vitality Pack I started matching it up with all the other supplement and vitamin bottles in my bathroom cabinet. I saw… oh look, this has L-carnitine, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium. I saw this had everything in it I was taking from so many different bottles that I was spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on each month.

So I decided I’d stop taking all those other supplements for this month and just take the LLV.

After about a week I noticed an increase in my energy. I was excited but hadn’t noticed a decrease in my pain. I wasn’t surprised but was just happy to have more energy.

Towards the very end of the 30 days I finally started to notice less pain. Then the vitamins ran out! I hadn’t ordered any more yet. Literally, the day after I hadn’t taken any LLV I woke up stiff, and with joint pain, pain in my back and wrists. As that week went on I kept thinking, “Ok, I need to get more Lifelong Vitality. I really think those were actually working and I didn’t even know.”

So, of course, I ordered more on my Loyalty Rewards order (what? Points back for free product too!) and within 2 days of taking them, I noticed the pain started to decrease again. I was hooked. No looking back. Eight years later and I still take LLV every day. This was the beginning of my health journey.

Cleanse Your Body and Home

doTERRA Cleanse

Around that same time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was getting all sorts of blood work and allergy tests done. I had heard of the doTERRA 30 day cleanse but hadn’t tried it before.

I decided to do it. I did the 30 day cleanse for 3 times that year and completely changed a lot of things in my life. Like how I ate and getting rid of a lot of the toxins around me. I changed out my shampoo and conditioner to the doTERRA ones. And all my candles and air fresheners for diffusers with my oils in them. I tried to minimize as many toxins as I could coming into my body so my body could start to heal.

Baby stepping into it I also started eating more organic food and took out a lot of gluten from my diet because I knew they were triggers for my autoimmune disorder. After my I was feeling better but not as good as I really wanted to feel.

Candida Cleanse

I had learned about candida before, but I started researching it and how it can cause autoimmune issues and joint pain. One January about 2 years into my doTERRA journey I decided to go full on candida cleanse.

This required a specific diet which meant no sugar, no gluten and only eating vegetables, lean meat and very limited grains (like brown rice and quinoa). Wow. That was when I started to feel a huge difference and my pain completely disappeared.

This healed me from my autoimmune! I stuck with it for several months. I don’t have the pain anymore. My adrenal fatigue is gone and my anxiety is gone. I just feel so good now!

Clean Eating

Cleaning up my eating was a GAME CHANGER! What we put into our bodies and on it are a big deal. There are so many chemicals and additives that are not good for us in the products we use.

Getting rid of processed foods and cleaning up my eating was so huge. It was like the final piece of this puzzle on how to feel good. My mind was seriously blown.

These days I am not nearly as strict but I eat well 80% of the time and still give my body lots of veggies, lean meats, and healthy grains. I think just letting my body heal from the candida and autoimmune let me be a fully healed and balanced person. We won’t go into the other 20%.


For several years now I’ve been able to play sports again. I play flag football and volleyball on the beach, swim, and lift weights. It’s absolutely incredible. I never thought I’d be able to do these things again. The only exercises I had been able to do were “gentle yoga” with the 75 and 80-year-olds.

Before it had been such a vicious cycle… I was in pain so I didn’t exercise but because I didn’t exercise I was starting to feel worse. I felt anxiety and some depression. The worse I felt the worse I ate too. However, as I started to feel great I was able to start moving my body and getting some real exercise.

Exercising made me feel better and my mental game improved which let me exercise more and it just was this beautiful upwards cycle. Since then I’ve been able to build an incredible business and love my life. Pain and all my other issues kept me from truly living. I never thought I could have the life I do now.

I hope the moral of my story is to keep trying to solve your own puzzle of good health. If you’re living with the kind of stuff I was I just can’t recommend these changes enough. What do you have to lose? Take the vitamins (Lifelong Vitality Pack all the way!), clean up your eating, do a cleanse for your body and household products (I highly recommend the doTERRA cleanse and products), get some exercise and enjoy your life to its fullest. If you have any questions about my story or want to get some of these products please reach out to me. I get so much joy from helping others in their health journey and finding answers to their health concerns.